Our Building Services

Brockbuild offers a wide range of services that allow us to tailor a package suitable to the needs of our clients.

We have a significant pool of quality tradesman and specialists that we can draw upon to undertake almost any task that is required. As you will see from our portfolio we have significant experience using all types modern construction techniques. We regularly work with buildings that require a lot of steel, glass structures, stone (marbles, granite etc) and unusual timbers. We also work on renovation projects using more traditional methods.

Brockbuild has worked with a number of architects in the region and can offer it’s own in-house guidance when looking at the design aspects of any project.

We do of course have preferred working partners through which we can offer the full design and build package. The familiarity of known working practices, can both improve the efficiency of a project and reduce costs for our clients.

Budget Costings / Cost Estimates

Along with the initial survey Brockbuild can produce budget costings that provide everything from ballpark figures to detailed estimates. Again the accuracy of these costing will depend on the level of information you can provide and or the depth of the survey undertaken.

Contracts and pricing

If plans are sufficiently detailed and or a bill of quantities and project schedule etc are available Brockbuild will offer detailed cost estimates or fixed price tender packs for your project.

The accuracy of any costs produced is dependant on the level of design information available at the time. The more detailed information available at outset the less likely there will be any unwanted surprises later in the process.


Fixed price

The fixed price contract is for all costs incurred to complete the building work as stated in the Detailed Tender. Exclusions may apply and these will be clearly detailed in the Tender. The fixed price will not cover work required in addition to that stated in the Tender. This work will cost extra.

Day work

This type of contract is most commonly used when there is not enough detail provided, i.e. no working drawings, engineer’s specifications or bill of quantities. The best way to agree costs in these circumstances is for a detailed list of labour rates for each trade to be provided and a percentage is then added to the overall labour and materials costs for administration, overheads and profit. There is however, always, the option of having a fixed price for elements of the build that are detailed and daywork for the elements of the build that are not detailed.